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Acupuncture Mechanism - up-to-date research 2018

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John Jaarsveld
gepubliceerd op 26/Kunnen/21 / In Spiritueel & Alternatief

CHIMERA CENTER - This center is Dr. Shin’s research project. He created a poster and video to help educate his patients so that they will have full understanding about how/why acupuncture treatments work. The Chimera is a mythical beast with three animals co-existing in one body, usually portrayed with a lion’s head, ram/goat horns, and a snake for a tail. Integrative medicine is no different from a Chimera. Integrative medicine will allow three different fields of medicine co-exist under one umbrella term to help the patient receive care. Dr. Shin created Chimera as a tool for everyone to use to show how acupuncture works according to up-to-date research.

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