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Doctor Carrie Madej - humankind under attack

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gepubliceerd op 28/December/21 / In Wetenschap

She said internet of bodies by 2030. Peolple in the supermarket already have MAC adresses. Its already in place.
Good remark; the machine will backfire on you. So if all the good people are gone we are blessed all evil people betrayed by terminator.

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CeNsUuReVrIj 1 jaar geleden

Shocking. I'm speechless.
And then you also understand why for example the UK is now planning to go door to door to start injecting people.
Mr. Global apparently think that it is all going too slowly and because the mountain of evidence is growing faster and faster, the resistance is also growing faster and faster.
I think it will not work, because too many people will die because of the ingredients of the injections. If it continues like this, there will be no one left to be able to monitor.

As we have seen in this video, a lot of research comes from the military industrial complex. A stronghold with infinite money and possibilities, which perhaps has been kept secret from the big [ tv watching ] public since the end of the Second World War.
And what does the general public know about the Shadow Banking phenomenon? And what does the general public know about the impending collapse of the global financial system?
A phenomenon in the background, which in my opinion is the biggest motivator for the creation of this crisis! The plans for a global financial reset must ensure that the Oligarchy is spared of all the disastrous consequences of this impending financial collapse! And while these inhumane plans are being carried out, the multinationals have made the greatest profits as never before!
And still, most people use Big Tech's social media platforms every day. And you still hear people say in their videos on, for example, YouTube, that they have an "Amazon Wish List" and that it is so convenient and nice and easy to order your stuff from Amazon !!!
People complain about the misery of this crisis, but they continue to use the "services" of Big Tech, a major participant and fasilitator of the misery, every day.

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