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Great news from Africa

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gepubliceerd op 27/Januari/22 / In Film & Animatie

Front line report, Interview with Dr. M. Regional covid medical centre

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Centre managed hundreds, Dr. has personally taken charge of 78 patients

Age group, 45 to 65 years

No patients under 25 years

No children admitted to the treatment centre

Comorbidities, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, asthma

Critical ill patients have been older with comorbidities

Omicron patients less ill compared to delta

Severity has really changed

Delta was a dangerous variant

Now, 90% of patients are mildly ill or asymptomatic

Current features, mild cough and flu, anorexia, anosmia

Hospital has free beds, not overwhelmed

70% of covid beds free

Reduced need for oxygen

Now have enough oxygen

Since omicron, only 3 patients needed oxygen

Saturations normally above 90%, ITU support

Treatments, oxygen if needed, dexamethasone,
erythromycin, vit D, zinc, vit C?

Local remedies

Sunbathing, well and good

Average length of stay, 4 to 7 days

GCS less than 8, longer

Treatments for omicron is the same as delta, just less severe patients

Not giving steroids until the storm arrives

Cases in Uganda down, minimal testing

Most symptomatic patients are not tested

About 50% are symptomatic

The omicron variant is the vaccine we failed to make

Will fight any other kind of covid-19

Herd immunity likely

Cross immunity also, especially from similar genomes

Natural immunity is the norm in Uganda

I don’t rule out the hand of God

Sick delta patients would have been a catastrophe

Something is happening we cannot explain

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