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How Does Acupuncture Works, Sharing the Wisdom of TCM with Dr. John McDonald, PhD

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John Jaarsveld
gepubliceerd op 26/Kunnen/21 / In Spiritueel & Alternatief

Acupuncture doesn't work. You cannot prove it!

How does it work?

Certainly, you have run into that discussion.

Dr. John McDonald, PhD has been in the field for 50 years. He is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the School of Medicine at Griffith University, where he gained his PhD with a thesis on the effects of acupuncture on mucosal immunity in allergic rhinitis.

Join him in this episode of Sharing the Wisdom of TCM to learn the answer to "How does acupuncture work?"

Dr. Mcdonald has currently three courses on TCM Academy:

☯ How Acupuncture Works for Acute and Chronic Pain -

☯ The Anti-inflammatory Effects of Acupuncture -

☯ Acupuncture Point Dynamics: A Point Selection Approach Informed by Historical Clinical Evidence -

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