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How Quantum Computers Work

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gepubliceerd op 26/Januari/22 / In Film & Animatie

This video is lacking in some areas. I have started working on a better version of this video which you can watch here:

0:00 Introduction
0:32 Complex Numbers
2:20 Qubits
4:26 Single-Qubit Gates
7:09 Entanglement
8:30 Observation Is Entanglement
9:45 Permutations
10:00 Multi-Qubit Gates
10:20 Entanglement With Single-Qubit Gates
11:28 Recreating Classical Logic Gates
12:36 A Quantum Multiplier
13:45 The Oracle Of Grover's Algorithm
15:45 The Rest Of Grover's Algorithm
18:28 The Effectiveness Of Grover's Algorithm

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