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Non covid excess deaths

11 Bekeken • 07/Juli-/22

Why are people dying more than normal?

UK, excess deaths

Hundreds more people than usual are dying each week in England and Wales

Not from Covid

Covid deaths, UK

w/e 24 June, 346

w/e 17 June, 309

Total deaths registered in the UK


15.9% above the five-year average

Latest breakdown, (England and Wales)

Excess deaths = 1,540

Covid deaths, 285

58.2% of this 285 gave covid as the underlying cause

So, 166 from covid

119 with covid

Non covid excess deaths, 1,540 – 166 = 1,374

England and Wales data

(5 years up to 2019)

England and Wale, 16.6%

Wales, 18.2%

Where excess deaths occurred

(above the five-year average)

Private homes, 31.5% above

Hospitals, 12.1% above

Care homes, 10.3% above

Other settings, 10.1% above

Health experts call for urgent investigation

Pandemic response

Lockdown and restrictions stress

Reduced physical activity

Lack of access to healthcare

Delayer referrals for diagnosis and treatment

Cost of living crisis

People whose health was / is weakened by covid

Known increase risk of stroke and heart attacks


Increasing autoimmune disease

New medications used as covid treatments

Prof Paul Hunter, University of East Anglia

I think the reality is going to be quite complex but it’s something we do need to be aware of and actually try and understand.

There is despair from your livelihood disappearing up the swanny.

It doesn’t have to lead to suicide, chronic stress can lead to all sorts of problems.

Dr Charles Levinson, DoctorCall

The reasons behind these horrific numbers are complicated and none of us fully understand them, so that is exactly why there should be an urgent and comprehensive Government inquiry.

If anything, the situation seems to be worsening.

Considering the relentless focus on one virus for more than two years,

requesting answers from Government on thousands and thousands of non-Covid excess deaths is entirely reasonable.

User guide to mortality data

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