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Storm Eunice hits Europe! Crazy wind and huge waves in the Netherlands!

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gepubliceerd op 20/Februari/22 / In Film & Animatie

Storm Eunice hit the Netherlands on Friday, causing chaos and destruction across the country.
Since Friday afternoon, most traffic in the Netherlands has been halted.
Trains, buses and trams were not running, navigation was blocked, and bridges and gateways were closed as a precaution.
Hundreds of flights to Schiphol and Rotterdam The Hague airports have been canceled or rescheduled.
People on social networks shared photos and videos of damaged houses and cars, fallen trees, huge waves on the coast.
The roof of the stadium in The Hague was badly damaged and part of the cladding was blown off by strong winds.
About a hundred trees were downed in Amsterdam and it will take days before everything is cleared.
As a result of storms Eunice and Dudley, insurers are expecting a record number of claims.
Another storm is expected in the Netherlands on Sunday.
Wind gusts up to 100 km/h can occur over land, and up to 120 km/h at sea.
Stormy weather is associated with the movement of a large area of ​​low pressure from the United Kingdom to Denmark.

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